Aluminum Roofing in Lakeland

When it comes to the siding game, vinyl is a relatively new player. Vinyl siding for residential and business structures was introduced in the 1950’s, and since then has become one of the go-to choices for discerning home and business owners. As a construction material, vinyl can be made as hard as pipes or as soft as a shower curtain, making it a frequent but largely unnoticed aspect of almost any home. At Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements we work with vinyl siding as a cost effective, low maintenance alternative to the more traditional aluminum or wood siding. We offer our Lakeland customers the chance to find the right finish to their property, one that fits their budget and their taste.

Experienced Siding Contractors

Just like any home improvement or renovation project, it’s important to trust your contractors. Making sure that you’ve found the best team for the job can make a huge difference in your short and long-term satisfaction. When you’re choosing siding, remember that it’s not only an aesthetic feature, but also an integral aspect of protecting the structural integrity of your property. Well installed vinyl siding breathes better than most traditional siding materials, and reduces the chance of mould or rot affecting your home or business.

With Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements you can expect us to leave your property looking beautiful, with improvements that are built to last. Our team are certified, preferred contractors for industry leaders in luxury siding like Owens-Corning® and Alcoa®. This means that we can provide our clientele with direct savings on these top-of-the-line materials, giving you a variety of affordable, high quality options to fit your practical needs without sacrificing any of your personal style.

Affordable Home Siding Options

We’ve been working with property owners in the Lakeland community for years, and we’re proud of all the great client relationships we’ve formed and maintained during this time. It’s important to us that you’re completely satisfied with the investment you’ve made in improving your home or business. Therefore, we’re happy to offer prospective clients a risk free, complimentary estimate. If you’re considering installing vinyl siding on your Lakeland property, get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the installation process and help you plan your project around a budget that works. Once you’ve decided to trust Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements with your project, we make sure that you can rest easy knowing that any work we do on your property is protected with a lifetime warranty that is non-prorated, transferable and covers any cost of future repairs.

Call for Professional Installation

Sometimes the most important changes are the hardest to make, but with Graham Aluminum and Home Improvements we make these important changes as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call. In the Lakeside area, we’re proud to offer you the best service around!

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